7 Tips To Stop Compulsive Nail Biting

This is how to stop this compulsive habit – Nail Biting!



Compulsive nail biting is a habit that is far more frequent than we can imagine. Anyone who unfortunately managed to fall under the influence of this unpleasant habit knows very well how difficult it is to give up it.

Whatever the reason is for this habit, stress, boredom or relationship problems, we can’t allow ourselves to start biting nails.

Despite that this is a habit that everybody hates, nail biting can be create health problems, because it causes nail deformations, skin inflammations, teeth problems, stomach difficulties and even virus infections.

These are the 7 tips for stop this compulsive habit:

  1. Soak your fingers twice a day in olive, castor of fish oil and let them soak for 20 minutes.

  2. Rub your nail with Tabasco sauce.

  3. Rub your fingers with chili pepper.

  4. Soak your fingers in vinegar (around 5 minutes),
  5. Soak your fingers in lemon juice (around 5 minutes).

  6. Rub your fingers with garlic.

  7. When you are at home, wrap every nail with bandages or sticky tape.

Follow this tips and this compulsive habit will stay in your past. When you see how good you look with healthy nails, you will wonder how did you let your nails look that terrible. The sight of bitten nails can leave very bad impression and can change someone opinion about you.



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