Diet Regimen for Perfect Buttocks !

Buttocks and back of the legs are the most problematic parts for the women. Weight loss isn’t so hard, but it is really slow if we want to burn pounds from the specific places from the body. What type of diet is the best for perfect buttocks and shaped legs?

It is really difficult to shape your legs and buttocks with diet regimen and fitness. But there is a diet that will help you to burn from 4 to 6 pounds per week, exactly from the parts that concern you the most.

Diet for buttocks and back of the legs:


Soak an onion in 150 ml of boiling water in the evening and drink it the next morning on a hungry stomach.

Breakfast: 50 g oat flakes previously soaked in milk and sweetened with brown sugar, half an apple, 250 ml milk and 1 tablespoon of honey.

Before Lunch: rye bread, mix 20g curd with honey.

Lunch: 150 g of grilled fish or fish soup

Afternoon snack: corn bread with 50 g of curd and 2-3 radishes.

Dinner: 100 g roasted beef fillet with stewed vegetables.


Diet for buttocks and back of the legs is rich in chromium and silicon. Chromium is important element that regulates the blood sugar level and kill the hunger. It accelerates the breakdown of the fat in problematic parts of the body – buttocks and legs. Silicon maintains the tissues connected, elastic and tighten.


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