My grandmother’s simple trick how to avoid frozen feet

Do this with your boots and you will never have problems with cold feet during the winter days!

This is all you need:

  1. Your boots you want to make isolated.
  2. Scissors.
  3. Marker.
  4. The most important thing – REFLECTIVE MATERIAL (you can use one that is being used to protect the interior of the car).


Way of making:

Use the template of the insole to measure the size of your foot. Than cut the material by the measured. Do this for both, left and right boot. The pieces that were cut put in the boots under the insole. The pieces should be positioned so the reflective material is on top.

What is the purpose of the trick:

Тhis material will isolate your feet from the cold. Also it will reflect the heat back in your feet. This is how your feet will stay warm no matter how cold is outside.

Why it is important to take care for your feet:

  • Our feet are the first parts to be affected by nerve issues because they’re the farthest from our hearts and spine.
  • They’re easily compromised when our bodies feel threatened, since we send blood to the internal organs and the brain before the extremities.






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